Smithys Custom Cables

Smithys makes audio cables to your specifications. Including the odd, unusual and specialty ones. Using only the best connectors, cable and know how. Quick turnaround, professionally made.

Almost everyone who works in audio has a collection of mystic artefacts that MUST be taken to every gig. Gaff, torch, panadol ...  cables and adaptors that will connect anything to anything. The very special coloured ones that scream out from the tangle of cable spaghetti  "don't leave me!"

Splitters, adaptors, polarity changers, sex changers, summing cables, mic cables, signal cables, speaker cables .. and all the rest.

This is where you get them


Smithys Custom Cables 30cm FXLR to MXLR
Smithys Custom Cables polarity reverse cable 30cm FXLR to MXLR $39.00
Image Not Available
Smithys Custom Cables stereo to mono mixing cable $45.00

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