RCF was founded in 1949 by a group of Italian electro-acoustic engineers with a simple vision: to create, through technical innovation, quality control and attention to detail, audio products that would offer the highest-possible performance in their market sector.

The company started by making microphones, amplifiers and related products for public-address applications. During the 1950s and ‘60s RCF established itself as an OEM manufacturer of transducers, and by the mid-‘60s the company had become the first in Europe to have a high-level Transducer Research Centre.
This leadership in transducer design and manufacture continues to the present day, with RCF continuing to supply woofers, midrange units and compression drivers to some of the best-known and prestigious loudspeaker brands in the world.
In parallel with its transducer technology development, the company continued to expand its range of public-address electronics, amplifiers and speakers. These were sold both as single products and in complete system solutions for airports, hotels, schools, railway stations, factories…in fact, any public building with a requirement for audio messaging or background music. This market also continues to be a key part of RCF’s activities today.
With expertise in both transducer design and public-address systems, it was only a matter of time before RCF produced its first complete loudspeakers for professional audio applications requiring high-level sound and music reproduction. The first of these was unveiled in the 1980s
Owning its own transducer production gives RCF an enormous advantage in the development of complete speaker systems, in which the perfect match between drivers, electronics, cabinet design and, increasingly, digital processing is achieved with maximum efficiency.

RCF SUB 705 Mk2 Powered Subwoofer
RCF SUB 705 AS II Powered Subwoofer $2,399.00 $1,899.00
RCF HD12A Powered Speaker 12" + 1" 600W RMS 1200W Peak RRP $2095
RCF HD12A Powered Speaker $2,095.00 $1,675.00
RCF HD10A Powered Speaker
RCF HD10A Powered Speaker $1,795.00 $1,349.00
RCF ART 735A Mk3 powered speaker
RCF ART 735A Mk3 powered speaker $1,949.00
RCF ART322A For Hire$66.00
RCF SUB 702-AS II $1,676.00

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