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We live and work in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Cajun Country, USA. It’s a rich jambalaya of jazz, blues, rock, zydeco, metal, folk, and Christian music that constantly fills each of our lives. We record in our bedroom studios, run the sound systems at our churches, and immerse ourselves in the rich local club scene.

New Orleans is close enough that many of us play gigs there, drive home the same night, and then come in the next morning to design products that we can’t wait to use.

Each morning we come to a wonderland disguised as our office building, complete with a professional recording studio and first-rate live-sound room custom-designed by the world-famous Walters-Storyk Design Group. There, we design, test, and experiment with ideas for new products—and we perform and make records because music really is our life. We also honor our culinary traditions: The company kitchen is well equipped for Cajun and Creole cooking, right down to the all-important big bottle of hot sauce. We’re serious about this; we even provide Cajun recipes in many of our product manuals.

Our Chief Strategy Officer and cofounder, Jim Odom, is a gigging musician and is credited with two RIAA-certified gold records, one certified platinum record, and two Ampex Golden Reel awards as a musician/ producer/engineer. In 1995, Odom’s desire for studio-quality—but affordable—pro audio gear led to the founding of PreSonus. Over the last decade, he has assembled a talented international team of hardware and software engineers who share his values, his love of music, and his taste for spicy Cajun food. He brought in top engineers who keep us on the cutting edge of audio-interface and recording-software design, along with dozens of techs who work behind the scenes to make our products sound good without killing your budget.

In addition to their audio chops, the PreSonus design engineers have extensive backgrounds in military-specification surface-mount technology, ensuring that PreSonus products can handle real-world situations. This critical approach to design is why PreSonus gear boasts one of the highest reliability rates in the industry.

From Jim Odom on down, our ranks are filled with musicians and sound engineers. We make products we want to use, and we gig and record with them constantly. That’s why our groundbreaking StudioLive™ AI Active Integration™ mixers and StudioLive AI Active Integration loudspeakersStudio One® digital audio workstationSceptre™ and Eris™ studio monitors, USB and FireWire audio interfaces, and myriad other products sound great and are easy to use, while delivering the features musicians and sound engineers really need—and some very cool features you didn’t realize you needed until we delivered them.

Jim Odom and cofounder Brian Smith are Baton Rouge natives and LSU Engineering grads who have traveled the world. But their home—and ours—will always be Baton Rouge. Don’t be surprised to see “JO” working with students at LSU’s College of Engineering, where we helped build a new DSP lab. Walk into a Tipitina’s Foundation co-op, and you’ll see donated PreSonus gear. We donated a recording studio to Baton Rouge High School, we’re close with the good folks at Louisiana Economic Development, and the Governor and the Mayor have appeared at our functions—and hung out afterward to relax.

PreSonus is a fast-growing company, and in addition to developing new and exciting product lines, we’ve acquired quality companies and products and made them even better. We partnered with KristalLabs of Hamburg, Germany, in 2006, which led to the creation of PreSonus Software Ltd., developers of Studio One, Capture™, and other groundbreaking software. We added the Nimbit® direct-to-fan marketing and promotion service in 2012 and launched a fabulous new version in 2014. We added Notion® notation software to the family in 2013 and launched a major new version less than a year later.

In 2014 we acquired respected PA-speaker company WorxAudio®, and you can bet your subwoofer that our combined engineering team is cooking up something special.

When we need specialized technology, we partner with the best in the business. Legendary speaker designer Dave Gunness of Fulcrum Acoustic worked with our engineers to mastermind our StudioLive AI loudspeakers and Sceptre studio monitors, and Rational Acoustics helped us add their Smaart® audio-analysis to our Virtual StudioLive software for StudioLive mixers.

The rest of PreSonus is there to give you the best possible experience after you buy our products. Friendly, helpful tech-support folks await your calls. Manuals are written in clear, straightforward English and are professionally edited—then professionally translated into other languages. You get prompt, efficient service when that mic stand falls on your StudioLive AI mixer. And a super-useful Web site presents a wealth of instructional videos.

True, PreSonus exists to create, sell, and support fine audio products but we want to make our city and the world a better place, too. Our green initiative reflects our respect for the environment, emphasizing clean, green, sustainable manufacturing and operations.

Yes, PreSonus is “just” our day job. But it’s a very rewarding one. Check out our Web site and videos to learn what we can do for you.

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