NEXO is a world leader in the design and manufacture of loudspeaker systems for sound reinforcement. The home of precision sound.

NEXO’s history is punctuated by many landmark moments and breakthroughs in sound reinforcement technology, which have earned the respect of its competitors and sound engineers all over the world. Engineering achievements are recognised in a portfolio of patents for NEXO technology. Commercial achievements, such as an unprecedented 5-year run for the GEO T Series line array on Glastonbury’s famous Pyramid Stage and the record-breaking sales record of the PS Series over two decades, have ensured that the NEXO badge identifies some of the most consistent loudspeaker products on the market.

What separates NEXO from its competition is its innovative, integrated systems approach to loudspeaker research and development. The company’s R&D mission to innovate is acknowledged in the form of numerous patents, some of which are included here.

Nexo DTD-T
Nexo NXAMP4x4

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