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Vocal PA .. simple to set up and operate

Suitable for audiences up to 100 people depending on application


*singing, vocals (including bands where electric guitar and bass played through stage amps  and drums not mic’d)

*acoustic instruments eg guitar, horns

*keyboards at moderate level

*moderate background music

NOT FOR BIG BASS eg kick drum, bass guitar, DJ

Technical Details

3 x Shure Sm58 microphones, stands, cables

1 x Behringer 1204FX mixer, 4 mic, 2 stereo line, FX (reverb, delay), monitor mix

1 x Rane EQ, Phonic power amp 2 x 300w

2 x Quest QS250 speakers (12″+1″), stands, cables

OPTIONS might include mixer with more inputs eg Allen & Heath Zed, extra mics, DIs, lights


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