Quest QM600ASi 15" powered subwoofer 1000w RMS digital amplifier high performance lightweight Neo 15" birch ply cab Aus designed and made WAS $1895

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Product Description

The QM600ASi is an active and lightweight 15″ sub equally at home permanently installed or on the road for live touring use. The QM600ASi is suitable for mid to high sound pressure level bass and sub bass as a stand-alone unit, in combination with the QM450A, or as part of a multi-way system.

This solid bass system can be easily crossed over for electronic music or projecting a live “kick” into any space. The practical design and featureset make it convenient to install in space sensitive venues also. With an impressive 131dB Max SPL, the QM600ASi is a professional solution for anyone requiring a versatile and hard working active sub bass.

Wooden Body, Steel Faced

The QM600ASi chassis is made of the same heavy duty birch ply wood as our high performance and industry trusted HPI systems. Finished with an extremely resilient black coating and fitted with a wrap-around heavy gauge protective steel grille, the QM600S has been crafted to endure even the most demanding environments and is built to last.

Active Bottom End

QM-600ASi active subwoofers have a built in, high headroom 1000 watt amplifier, an adjustable electronic cross-over processor section and Quest designed low distortion, sub bass woofer. The result is a lightweight, compact, high performance system boasting exceptional output, reliability and performance.

Technical Details


Freq.Range(-10dB): 45Hz~200Hz
Freq.Response(-3dB): 50Hz~180Hz
Max Calculated SPL: 131dB
Amplifier Power: 1000W
LF Transducer: 15″ /100mm
Crossover Frequency: 80Hz~180Hz Adjustable
Input Connector: Line XLR
Output Connector: Pre output XLR
AC Input: AC220~240V 50Hz/60Hz
Net Weight: 35.5Kg
Shipping Weight: 38.5Kg

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