DV Mark DV 40 112 combo guitar amp 40watt 2 chan all valve 12" custom Neo speaker with reverb

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Product Description

Combos are all about practicality. Combining a head and a cabinet into one box is meant to make your life easier as a guitarist. But classic combos are still heavy, and often need to be cranked in order to get the right tone. But not only are DV Mark combos wonderfully light, they also provide a new standard for tonal versatility—the Continuous Power Control feature allows you to get the tone you want at the volume you need!

The DV40 112 is a 1×12″, two-channel, 40W all-tube combo, equipped with EL34 power tubes.

Get great clean tone on channel 1 and rich tube saturation from channel 2.

Tonal options are almost endless thanks to DV Mark’s patent pending Continuous Power Control (CPC), which allows you to change the power incrementally from the full 40W (class A/B) gradually all the way down to 1W (class A) in pentode mode; or 15W (class A/B) to 0.5W (class A) in triode mode.

Plug into this combo and you’ll immediately hear its quality: very clean sounds even at high volumes, great crunchy rhythm tone, rich saturation, boost switch for lead playing, balanced response in all frequency ranges and impressive bass response—even from the 1×12”! The range of tonal options is incredible, and it’s easy to find your own sound quickly using EQ and the very practical CPC feature.

The DV 40 112 automatically biases and matches the output tubes and thanks to the Service port can be connected to the optional DVM Controller interface, which displays many internal amp parameters such as voltages and tube life to help you maintain the amp to its full potential.

Technical Details

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