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Premium Vocal PA For Hire$175.00
Premium Vocal PA w/ Foldback Monitors For Hire$300.00
Premium Vocal PA w/ Foldback Monitors & Lights For Hire$350.00
Premium Vocal PA w/ Lights For Hire$225.00
Behringer 1204 FX mixer
Behringer 1204 FX mixer For Hire$30.00
Vocal PA Phonic Pod
Vocal PA For Hire$135.00
Fender Pro 185
Fender Pro 185 For Hire$66.00
Pearl Drumkit
Pearl drumkit For Hire$120.00
Mark Bass bass amplifier
Markbass Bass Amplifier For Hire$88.00
Vocal PA Phonic Pod
Vocal PA with Monitors For Hire$160.00
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